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Welcome To The Mk II Service Center!

  At this time we are no longer taking on any new outside work unless the work is Mk II service, repair, or warranty related only. Or you have been referred to us by Maxmadco. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our customers.

 We thank you for your business!



  Maxmadco has a new version of their bolt action pen. It's in stock and on sale now. This pen is the lightest...and strongest yet! Proudly handcrafted in the USA! The new limited edition Maxmadco watch is now also available.

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ETA Service & Repair

We only use Swiss Made ETA certified watch timing equipment

We only use Swiss made professional watchmaking and waterproof testing equipment

Soprod SA Service & Repair

We only use ETA approved Moebius synthetic watch oils

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The USPS is our primary return carrier